Let There Be Light… but Not Too Much!

When it comes to letting in natural light, windows are probably the most valuable source. It’s easy enough—you just draw the blinds or curtains and let the light in! However, with summer coming up, too much light can be a problem because the sun is blazing into our homes and those solar rays are quickly going to heat up the air around us, causing us to sweat, cry and get frustrated at the weather. We can try all we want to cool ourselves down, but there are plenty of methods that don’t provide enough relief.

Air conditioning is expensive
Crank up that air conditioning unit and you’ll find your bills shooting up as well. If you can afford this then that’s good for you, but if you’re living a frugal lifestyle or want to save money, then you may want to consider other options to reduce the temperature in your home. Not only is air conditioning expensive, it also requires regular maintenance to fix and keep in good working condition so that it’s not blowing around dust and other particles that could lead to respiratory issues. There are cheaper options, such as installing a ceiling fan, but it’s always a good idea to tackle the heat at the source: the sun!
Turning to windows
This is why we look towards our windows for relief from the sun. The most basic way to reduce the amount of light and heat that comes into our home is to block it out using thick curtains. This essentially stops all of the solar rays, reducing the heat inside of our homes but also reducing the amount of light we get. The solution to this is grey uPVC windows with special glazing or tinting. The tint can reduce the heat from the solar rays, making our rooms much cooler while at the same time not compromising the amount of heat that we let through.
Not only are special window treatments great for stopping sunlight, it’s also great for retaining heat during the winters. This is why some windows now have energy ratings—it’s so that you know which window and glass manufacturers focus on energy savings and not just style. Next time you give your living room some love, remember that you can improve or replace them before the main summer heatwaves arrive so that you can stay nice and cool.
Spreading light around the house
Not everyone is lucky enough to have windows that let in plenty of light all over the house. Most of us are going to have dark spots in our homes that simply don’t get enough light because of the sun’s trajectory. To combat this, you need to find ways to reflect light around the home, and this usually comes in the form of decluttering and reflective surfaces. By placing large mirrors in strategic places, it can reflect light around the room, brightening up even the most secluded corners. This takes a bit of planning, but it’s a fantastic way to spread the natural light around your home at a low cost.

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