Pharmaton Vitality Capsules Review

I have been struggling a little lately, with low energy levels, so I was very pleased to accept the opportunity to review Pharmaton Vitality Capsules.
Last year I struggled with low iron levels and although my iron levels are now back to normal, I’m still experiencing a post lunch dip in energy levels at around 2 pm. To be perfectly honest given the chance I would sleep for at least an hour!
Pharmaton Vitality Capsules are clinically proven against tiredness and energy and are designed to be taken for short periods of time. I was happy to review them for 30 days.

What are Pharmaton Vitality Capsules and what are they used for?

Pharmaton Vitality capsules are a multivitamin, mineral and ginseng supplement.
The capsules are designed for relief of short periods of daily fatigue associated with a busy and hectic lifestyle. Pharmaton capsules work by enhancing mental and physical performance through the combined action of Ginseng, vitamins and minerals on the metabolic process. suitable for adult men and women, not children.
The tablets are quite large and need to be taken with lots of water, either with or straight after food. I would imagine nausea would be a problem if you didn’t do this. They were easy to swallow though and didn’t leave any after taste. They remind me of the vitamin supplements I used to take when pregnant in their size.
I have now completed a 30 day course and have to say I was surprised and pleased that after the first 5 days of taking them I had much more energy! The desire to curl up on the sofa in the afternoons definitely diminished. I have also felt as though I have more energy in the evenings too, managing to stay up until 11pm rather than 9pm.  
Like all medicines and supplements there are possible side effects to taking Pharmaton Vitality Capsules, although they are usually mild. Whilst taking the tablets I did develop a headache over a few days, however I am prone to headaches, so I couldn’t say if it was caused by the supplements or not. I stopped taking them for a couple of days and restarted once my headache had gone. There was no reoccurrence.
I would definitely recommend taking the supplements for short periods and may do so myself again in the future, however always read the information on how, when and when not to take the supplements. They are available to buy at Boots for £9.45
Pharmaton Vitality Capsules (£9.45, Boots) contain ginseng G115 as well as the vitamins and minerals needed to relieve symptoms of tiredness leaving you feeling mentally and physically alert! Pharmaton Vitality Capsules effectiveness are supported by clinical studies.
For the purpose of this post I received a 30 day sample of the supplement and received no payment.   


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