Menu Plan For Week Commencing 12th June

So I’ve stuck with my decision to start menu planning from today! I will confess that it’s not particularly creative, but it’s a start. I’ve been to Lidl this morning to buy todays tea. As I’m trying to reduce my spending too, I’ll try and tally up at the end of the week to see how much I’ve spent on food. Today I spent £20.01, but I did buy cat food, laundry gel and cleaning wipes, which increased the cost a bit. So probably spent about £15 on food, which includes cereal, cordial and yoghurts, which will last some of the week.

7 day meal plan for week commencing 12th June

Monday – Roast chicken, veg, new potatoes and salad.
Tuesday – Pasta. Made from left over chicken, peppers and onion.
Wednesday – Fish cakes/chicken (for son who’s allergic to fish) Veg/salad/bread.
Thursday – Spaghetti Bolognese.
Friday – Pizza, salad, carrot sticks and grapes.
Saturday – Chilli con carne with rice.
Sunday – Roast (not sure what meat yet) veg and potatoes.   
Breakfasts – cereals, toast, crumpet, pancakes (weekend)
Lunches – (all the children take packed lunch)
A combination of ham, cheese, sausage, yoghurts, breadsticks, pretzels, raisins, biscuits, pitta bread and fruit.
Snacks – crisps, biscuits, fruit, yet more cereal
When you write everything down, it’s not surprising that we spend a fortune on food. Having two teenage boys in the house doesn’t help the pennies! The amount of cereal we go through is colossal and we use about 6 pints of milk a day! I’d rather they eat cereal with milk rather than crisps and biscuits, however they do eat a large amount of these too! The twins eat like sparrows, unless it’s a biscuit – then they can eat for England!
Maybe I should do a bit more baking, then I’ll now exactly what they are eating. I’ll do a quick rain check on this weeks menu next Monday, before publishing my next meal plan. I’ll hopefully include costings too. Any recommendations on exciting meals would be very welcome!
Till next week …      
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