Brief Round Up Of First Two Weeks Of Holidays

Lots of things to talk about, but no idea where to start! We’ve visited lots of places over the first couple of weeks of the holiday, so will try and put it in some sort of chronological order. So, here’s to a brief round up of the first week of the summer holidays!
During the first week we visited Newby Hall, which is just outside Ripon, North Yorkshire. I can’t believe we have never been before, as it is literally round the corner! It maybe something to do with the fact that it is quite expensive and because we have National Trust membership, we have been reluctant to pay the entrance fee. For our first visit however, we were extremely lucky to visit with a friend who had a card which, covered the entrance fee for two adults and three children – perfect!

We packed a picnic to cut down on cost, although there was a lovely café to visit too. It was a beautiful day and we took swimming costumes so that the girls could make use of the fountains. We also went on the train, played in the park, hired boats and looked around the dolls house and teddy bear exhibitions. There was an exhibition of sculptures that you could buy (if you took out a small mortgage!). The girls had a go of chiselling their own sculpture. We then spent a couple of hours exploring the gorgeous gardens. We spent a full day at Newby Hall and didn’t get chance to look around the actual hall. Everything was closing when we left, a sure sign of a good day out. I may even consider looking at the cost of a season ticket in the future.

The next day of the first week mainly consisted of torrential rain, interrupted by constant drizzle, so we headed to the cinema! Of course every other parent in town had the same idea, so we struggled to get a parking space. We went to the Odeon Kids club, as it’s considerably cheaper (£2.50 per ticket), We still spent around £20 though as the kids popcorn and drinks combo is £4 each! We watched Boss Baby which was fab . Next week we are going to watch Diary Of A Wimpy Kid at the kids club – looking forward to it.
Another – not so positive point to the week was that the car has started to pour out blue smoke and our flat roof (above son’s bedroom) has started to leak – great! This has been made worse due to torrential rain. Luckily we have hopefully sorted the problem for now at least! The car is a different matter altogether! We now need to work out whether the car is worth fixing, as according to Google it could be expensive or do we cut our losses and sell? The MOT is due in November, so we haven’t much time to think about it. On the other-hand, we’ve only had the car 5 years and this is the first thing to go majorly wrong! It’s flown through MOT’s in the past apart from new tyres etc. Decisions, decisions … 
The car looks a bit like this!!

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