Cleaning Up the Nest: Prepping Your Home for the Winter Months

Summer is coming to an end and it won’t be all too long before you and your family go into hibernation mode for the winter. So now is a better time than ever to start prepping your home for the colder weather. This will ensure that your home is problem-free, clean and tidy for the months ahead.

Store Summer Products Away
There are some household goods that are only ever in use during the summer months. Many of these will be items exclusive to the garden (especially if you have little ones) such as paddling pools, sandpits and garden toys. Chances are that you won’t have room to store all of these things away in your shed or cupboards for the remainder of the year. This is where storage solutions such as those provided by come in handy. Not only do they provide a handy removal service, but they will store your items safely and securely until you next require them for an affordable price.

Undertake Repairs
Little repairs that you may have turned a blind eye to over the summer months can cause more major issues when the bad weather strikes. So sort them out sooner rather than later. This will rectify the problem before damage can be caused. So seal windows, repair holes in a leaky roof ,fix any broken fencing and mend squeaky gates. These will be fine tasks in the nicer weather but will be much more unpleasant to take on in the bitter cold.

Make Things Cosy
It’s time to do away with your thin summer duvets and lace curtains and start insulating your home. Make things warm and cosy by investing in thick winter duvets and toasty electric blankets for under your sheets. Hang thick, heavy curtains and roll out thick, shag pile rugs. If you are concerned about maintaining as much heat in your home as possible while keeping the bills down, make sure that all of your windows are double glazed, your roof is insulated and your doors are sealed tightly.

Consider Some Added Extras
There are some additional luxuries that you can add to your home to make it that extra bit comfortable. So if you’re feeling lavish, here are a few ideas to try out. First on the list: heated towel rails. These will keep your towels toasty, ready and fresh for when you step out of the shower. Next: heated floors. These work best in kitchens or bathrooms where you are usually exposed to cold tiles in the mornings. Finally: an open fire. This is a larger investment but gives the ultimate toasty vibe to your living space.
Follow these steps and your home will be a comfortable haven for you and your family to nestle down into. You can spend your time focusing on other things than cleaning, tidying, and maintenance. Whether that’s celebrating the festive period, exploring winter wonderlands with your little ones or planning a winter break. You can embrace the period to its fullest!
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