Fun Hobbies That Are Worth Passing on to Your Children

Children try out a lot of different activities to find something they might enjoy or even be surprisingly good at. While some of them are able to stick to those soccer lessons or keep playing that instrument for years, others have wardrobes filled with various sports uniforms and other evidence of exploration. Sometimes, their favourite hobby could have been right in front of them the whole time – and they need your help to discover their new interest.


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Find inspiration with these fun and rewarding hobbies that you can enjoy together with your child.
Writing stories
A great hobby for creative parents and children is to either work on a story together – or let your child write something for you to enjoy. Pursuing a hobby should be fun and not made into a chore, so make sure you understand the signs from your child. Give her a topic, for example, or start the first paragraph yourself that she can continue in any direction she pleases.
Just a couple of writing sessions together can be enough to plant the first seed – and remember that she will be exposed to so much writing and reading in school, that it’s almost impossible to forget all about her hobby. When you read her work, be careful with your criticisms and focus on pointing out her strong sides rather than a few writing mistakes.
If she is brilliant with her descriptions but lost when it comes to comma rules, make sure she knows exactly where her strength shines.
This is especially crucial if your child is very young; writing mistakes are inevitable and should be ignored until she is old enough to know better. Have a look at this list for some of the best books on the market this year to trigger your young author’s imagination.  
Parents and children can collect anything together – but it’s suddenly a bit more fun if it could be worth a lot or is already worth some. Consider old playing cards, stamps, rare antiques you can hunt down together, or even tea cups from abroad – your imagination is the limit.
If their grandparents left behind a large collection of something, encourage them to continue the hobby; with time, they’ll come to treasure the collectables as much as their newfound passion for collecting.
What better way to trigger a love for nature in your children than to take them hiking? Take your kids out for a day trip, pack some lunch and a can of hot chocolate if it’s chilly outside, bring your dog and enjoy the time together as a family. Even if your children are reluctant to move away from the television on a Sunday morning, and grumpy all the way up to the top of the hill, they’ll most likely find back to their love for nature and hiking as they grow up.
The activities and fun you’re able to enjoy together is the best kind of hobby for your children. You don’t always have to involve yourself, as much as encouraging them and praising their interests. They’ll grow up with a treasure box full of fond memories and a mind that has already found something to enjoy and proceed with.
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