Summer Holiday to Devon 2012 When The Girls Were One

I had a memory on Facebook that “popped up” from Five years ago. Where did those five years go?
We went to Lynmouth in Devon for two weeks and stayed in a cottage that we have stayed in many times before, going back to when my eldest was a baby.

Five years ago it literally rained for two weeks, apart from the first day! Although it didn’t seem to dampen the twins spirit, judging by the video!
Even though it rained torrentially, holidays are all about spending time with your family. Luckily the Olympics were on and we spent a lot of time watching that! We bought a tent for the beach to protect us from the wind and rain, rather than the sun!
The last five years have flown by and although we have taken more video’s, this video of the girls enjoying their breakfast and dancing, really (to us anyway) is brilliant. When we all looked at the video this morning, the rest of the family (even the girls themselves) couldn’t say which baby was who! I knew, of course (nothing to do with the fact I can remember who was sat where haha!).
They were really identical as babies, I think as they have grown up, their personalities shine through their faces which makes them easier to identify on photo’s. Even as babies I’ve tried to dress them differently, so that they can develop their own individuality. This is difficult at school though, having to wear a school uniform. Someone suggested to me that they should wear their hair differently, but I feel that this takes away their choice and I don’t want the girls labelling as “the one with plaits” etc. etc. We did go through a stage where one of the girls wanted to wear a headband every day as, someone at school had told them to, she actually became quite stressed about it.
Out of school the girls are very clear that they don’t want to wear the same things, which is great. It’s not so great when you can’t find items of clothing in the same size, but different, or if they both want the same pair of shoes, coat etc. To try and prevent World war 3, I now hide the items behind my back and whichever hand they choose is the item they have!  They then swap between themselves anyway!
In contrast, yesterday we went to the park and the girls spent ages on the zip wire! Lynmouth is a really beautiful part of Devon and we really must book a trip there again soon. Memories of rain soaked days are fading a little!




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  1. September 4, 2017 / 8:47 pm

    We had a trip to Cornwall when Ben was 4 months old and I know it is a holiday we'll remember fondly for years to come so I completely get this post and the shock of how fast time goes!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow

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