Tackling Kid’s Birthday Parties

Children’s birthdays today are a lot more extravagant than they need to be. The days of just hiring a bouncy castle are gone. Although still incredibly popular you may feel fierce competition from other parents.
Everyone has a different strategy for party planning and depending on how organized you are the stress levels can sometimes be on par with organizing weddings. If you want everything to be perfect for your little one’s big day, begin by asking what it is they would like the party theme to be? Be prepared for some bizarre and extravagant answers, once decided start party supply hunting early. By being prepared it’ll stop you overspending on overpriced items last minute due to poor planning.
Party food is important you want to keep children happy, full and fed to enjoy the day. Depending on the time of day you choose to hold the party, it’s up to you with how much you choose to put out. Whilst all parties need cake and cupcakes to be the ultimate finishing touches, be sure to provide some form of healthy foods. Not all children want to nibble on pizza and cake, also some parents will probably not be happy to have their children returned full up on sugar.
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Planning the time of your party is crucial, particularly if a lot of younger children are attending. If it conflicts with nap time, schedule around to keep everyone happy. Having a set time on the invitation is crucial, it prevents it going for too long and is a polite way of telling them when to go home.

Image Source: Pexels
Making your own invitations bring a more personalized touch to the day, Pure Invitation has an array of multiple ways you can select your DIY invitation kit. The great thing is they have so many options you can order three free samples. You can get your child involved with making the invites they can choose the colours or the layout.

If you decide to have the party at your house, be sure to childproof your house. Especially important if you’re hosting a party that has toddlers or preschoolers, children are accustomed to their own house layout. They will naturally want to explore rooms in your house, be sure to block off any rooms that won’t be in use during the party.
The end of the party usually requires the hand out of goody bags, kids love them and they really don’t care what’s in them- as long as it’s fun! Don’t make yourself go mad with what to put in them, keep it cheap and fun. Mini bottles of bubbles, colouring books, and stickers do just as good, they can all be bought in craft shops keeping prices down.
Keep in mind that it’s just a party, enjoy yourself knowing you did your best throwing a party your child wanted. Don’t feel the need to compete with other parents by splashing the cash on lavish venues and presents.
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