Beautiful Bali

Despite what you may be hearing on the news at the moment, Bali is a truly wonderful country to visit. Yes, there might be a volcano about to blow, but it won’t affect Bali so much that you won’t be able to visit the country again. Come their summer season, those crystal blue waters will be back, and that sun that Bali offers will be beating down on your skin. There are so many different reasons to go to Bali, a few of them we’ll list below. If you haven’t already considered this beautiful country we hope you will after reading this.

First of all, the accommodation is great for the price. There are plenty of package holidays that can be found for a range of different prices. If you want to go luxurious, Bali has the option. If you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous, then check out Bali adventure holiday packages.. If you need to stick to a bit of a budget, that’s also going to be easily done. The main thing you’re going to be spending your money on is the flights. Whilst you’re there you will soon realise how incredibly cheap Bali is. You’ll be spending next to nothing on food and drinks at any of the local restaurants. The main thing you’ll be spending money on is excursions if you wish to do them.

The food in Bali is amazing. Most restaurants serve Mediterranean food, Italian food, and local Bali delicacies. There are plenty of restaurants to try out, but most of the hotels that you’ll have the option of staying in, will be all inclusive and will also serve incredible food. There are some really lovely bars along the sea front, they offer local and international beers and cocktails with a gorgeous setting. There are also some really cool nightclubs.

Bali has a lot of tourist attractions to visit. One popular attraction is the many rice fields that you can walk around. Native workers make you feel as though you’re immersing yourself into their way of life. Then, if you’re needing some relaxation, Bali has some beautiful beaches. Some beaches are known for their relaxing properties, you can even have a massage on some of them. Or there are the beaches known for their big surfs, it attracts many people every year trying to catch a big wave. So whatever you’re going there for, there will be something for everyone.
If after reading this Bali isn’t  on your list of next years  holiday destination, we highly recommend you do some extra research and discover why Bali is a great country to visit.
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  1. December 2, 2017 / 7:42 pm

    I have heard about vry awesome comments about Bali, i am happy you shared this here plus my sabbaticall is around the corner so i will put all the suggestions in to considerations.

  2. November 25, 2020 / 3:23 am

    Thank you for kind info and sharing the tips. i wish Bali still one of best options for Holiday in the future after Covid.

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