How To Avoid Unexpected Money Worries

Life can throw a million curveballs at you while you aren’t looking. One of those curve balls is money worries. Whether the washing machine starts to leak, you get a hole in your roof or something goes wrong with your car, the unexpected will always happen at the least convenient moment. If you find yourself in a financial pickle during these times, it could be a good idea to put some plans in place. Here’s how to do it.


Look After Your Belongings

Of course your car is going to break down regularly if you don’t service it. Just like anything else, a car needs a bit of TLC to ensure it keeps working properly. If you want to avoid costly repair jobs that come out of the blue, you have to invest in your car in the first place. Make sure your car is serviced every year and you regularly replace oil, water and washer fluid. It’s also important to check your tyres at regular intervals to make sure they aren’t too worn or aren’t beginning to lose air.

Keep an Emergency Fund

It can be quite stressful searching high and low for a quick loan when something goes wrong. The problem is, we never expect things to go wrong, so it can be difficult to prepare accordingly. The best way to always be prepared for something financial is to open a savings account dedicated to financial emergencies. Just ten percent of your monthly wage could be enough to cover you for all financial emergencies and the longer you do it, the easier it will become. Soon enough, you won’t miss that ten percent.


House Maintenance

You’ll never be able to predict when something will go wrong at home. It’s difficult to prepare for machines breaking down or furniture breaking, but there are some things you can do. For example, having your gutters regularly cleared will mean you reduce the risk of a flood entering the interior of your home. Checking the seals on windows, regularly bleeding radiators and making sure the ventilation is working are just a few of the things you can do to avoid any nasty surprises. Maintenance is often far less costly than the repair jobs you’d have to pay for if you didn’t maintain your property.

Have Contacts

Should something out of your control go wrong, you’ll need some contacts you can quickly call. Whether it’s a reliable mechanic, plumber, roofer or anyone else. Taking your time to find someone reliable could mean the problem progressively gets worse. No matter what goes wrong, the quicker you’re able to sort it, the less costly it’s likely to be. It will also mean you’re not under an immense amount of stress to find a suitable tradesman and get the problem fixed. Something going wrong can affect the way your whole family operates. For example, a problem with the car may mean you can’t get the kids to school or a boiler problem could mean you’re unable to have a hot shower.

Always expect the unexpected.

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