Awesome Bloss’ems Review – Collectible Dolls From Spinmaster

Awesome Bloss’ems by Spin Master, are collectible mini dolls which grow from seeds. My daughters’ adore anything that is collectible and so were delighted to receive two of these dolls to review. The fact we had two to review was amazing and diverted the possibility of major arguments – the joys of having twins!

There are five groups of dolls to collect and you don’t discover which one you have until they grow from their seed pod. You may get a doll from “so wild”, “sweet chic”, “posh floral”, fierce petals” or “fashion buzz”.

On opening the wrapper you will discover a helpful – “read me first” leaflet, which gives you a step by step guide on how to “grow” your dolls. Take note of the part which says “protect surface area before play,” I discovered this a little late and had lots of mess to clear up!

You pop the seed pod into the plant pot and fill it with sparkly play soil (the messy bit!), then add leaf-fulls of water until the doll emerges from the pod.

Once the doll has “grown” you remove her from the pod and the doll can be displayed inside the dome along with the cardboard accessories. The leaf, turns into a hammock.

One of our dolls was from the “So Wild” family.

The other doll was from the “Fierce Petals” group. It is possible to find the ultra rare doll with a real diamond tiara!

Our verdict …

The girls enjoy collecting things and have a huge array of Hatchimals, LOL’s etc. so they did enjoy discovering the different dolls. The growing aspect to Awesome Bloss’ems adds a little more interest to just collecting the dolls. The actual process of the doll “growing” out of the seed was a little unpredictable – one kind of glided out, whilst the other “popped” out quite loudly! Not sure whether this is because they are from different groups? You then have to pull quite hard to remove the doll from the seed pod.

The dolls are quite cute and colourful and the girls enjoyed setting them up on the hammock with the cardboard accessories. Helpfully, they can also be kept in one place by use of the sparkly dome.

There is a lot of waste to dispose of though and as the girls have started to consider how plastic affects our oceans, it was a large amount of waste for such small dolls.

I can imagine these dolls will be popular stocking fillers this Christmas.

The dolls retail at RRP £8 and are available from toy shops and Amazon (see below).

*for the purpose of this review, I received 2 Awesome Bloss’em dolls from Spin master. All words and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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