Last day of summer holidays

Mixed feelings about today, I feel sad that the boys are off to school tomorrow, but also feel really happy that I’m going to have some spare time.

I’m going to concentrate on completing a couple of stories I’ve half written next week and then send them off to see what happens. I’ve also got an article half written for a magazine on pet care in Australia that needs finishing, they have published an article of mine on Leaf insects (don’t laugh!) and have asked if I can write one on pets that people with allergies can keep.

First though, my mother in law has just dropped off 12lb of plums for me to make into jam, so I think that’s going to sort tomorrow out. Never made it before, but quite like the idea of jam and preserve making, although this may change! I think I’ve been reading too many stories in The Peoples Friend mag whilst researching possible places that may publish my stories – very twee, but charming.


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  1. September 24, 2017 / 2:57 pm

    During my summer holidays, I too got really bored and was just wishing for college to start so I can get back to my routine life.

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