Writing tip and jam recipe

Sorry for missing a couple of days, I’ve spent too much time on the computer.

I have almost finished my article on pet allergies, just need to get someone to read it and check for mistakes before I send it in. Fingers crossed.

I’ve also added a bit more to a short story I started writing ages ago. If anyone is thinking of taking up writing, I have found that getting to school early and sitting in the car with a notebook and pen seems to get my brain working and has become my most productive part of the day.

I think being out of the house in daylight, with no distractions is why it works for me. Everyone’s different though, and balancing the notebook on my knee or steering wheel takes a bit of practice!

Then comes the deciphering and editing of what I’ve written, lots of people prefer to write straight onto the computer, I do a bit of both, but think I actually prefer pen and paper. I find I can swap things round more easily and get my ideas down quicker.

Of course I am a complete newbie, and just learning as I go along.

Just in case anyone is wondering, I can’t imagine why. The first lot of jam I made has resulted in a runny, syrupy texture which I think will be best suited to pouring on icecream. The second lot has turned out great! My recipe:

3lb plums stoned and washed.
3lb preserving sugar.
12 table spoons of water.
Knob of butter


Simmer plums in the water with lid on until soft.
Add sugar, stir constantly until dissolved to prevent burning.
Bring to the boil and add butter.
Continue to boil (you need a very large pan)
Jam will start to look darker and thicker.
Test for setting point by dropping a small amount onto a cold plate, push your finger through, if it wrinkles setting point has been achieved. If not continue to boil.
Pour into sterile, warm jars.
Put wax disc on the top of jam.
Cover with cellophane.
Label with contents and date made.



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