funny old day

Eldest son was off school today as had a sore throat and temperature, so he spent the day watching Sponge Bob on TV.

It’s a good job he was so enthralled in Bikini bottom (you’ll know what I’m talking about if you are a SB fan) as I had an interview today. The first interview I’ve had for years and I mean years. It was an interview over the phone and was quite difficult as our phone line is really crackly. I spent all day researching and writing notes before the allotted 2.30 time slot. I think it went ok, but I’m not saying anything else until I hear if I’ve got the job or not.

Incidently I read somewhere that caffine if drunk about half an hour before an interview can help to sharpen your mind, I think I may have overdosed a little and I am worried I came accross a bit mad and jittery. Still can’t be helped, it’s done now.

I had an appointment tonight at 8 o clock for a pre assessment before my gall bladder removal op next week. Eek! I am refusing to read the statistics and percentages of what can go wrong. Honestly being an ex nurse doesn’t help in these situations and neither does the internet. I’m all for promoting ignorance is bliss. i’ll just google mortality rates and risks of having a general anaesthetic…..


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