Gall bladder removal op

Still alive, just. (maybe a slight exaggeration).

Please excuse any spelling mistakes as i’m probably still a bit high on drugs of the medical prescribed variety – of course.

I’m going to describe my experience as it happened, maybe it will be informative to someone and will be quite likely therepeutic for myself. Told you I’m having difficulty spelling!

The dreaded day Thursday 26th Nov arrived painfully slowly. I was so nervous it was ridiculous. I was nil by mouth from midnight wednesday and got up at 6am Thursday morning to get ready. I had a bath and hairwash and dressed in my comfiest clothes. I said goodbye to my children and in laws at 7am and arrived at the hospital at 7.30 in the wrong department as my letter was printed wrong. Arrived at the correct place and queud up with lots of other nervous patients at the booking in desk

“Right Mrs D you can say goodbye to your relative and go straight in” I was told. No room for long drawn out goodbyes to my hubby, just a quick see you later and kiss on the cheek in front of about twenty other people in the queue. It was probably for the best as anything else probably would have reduced me to a blubbering mess.

Going to stop now as need some more painkillers. Oh forgot to say, it’s my birthday today! I’m spending it sat on the sofa in my PJ’s not out of choice, but because I have to. It hurts too much to do much else, but I’m getting there.


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