Why, oh why did I wish for snow!?

What a nightmare! I went to the library Christmas book club party tonight (yes I know, I live life on the edge). I collected my friend who lives at the top of a hill, just at the start of a snow storm. Managed to slide down the hill again and park in a disabled spot in the market place. I know it was naughty, but decided that I could claim ignorance as markings on road was snow covered.

Enjoyed our meeting at the library, came last in the quiz, but we were the youngest there by about 20 years, so obviously hadn’t had time to read as many books. Walked out of the library into another snow storm. Everywhere covered by now even the main roads. Where the **** were the gritters! Not seen all day and the snow has been forecast for ages. Just what do we pay our council tax for?

It took 20mins to defrost the car and set off into the blizzard. At the bottom of friends hill managed to perform a spectacular skid, but kept control sort of the car-sort of, more by accident than skill. Set off home on a route that I thought was ok. Got to the top of another hill and encountered another car with hazards on sliding down said hill alarmingly, it then came to a standstill and 2 men got out of the car and came to tell me that I would have no chance of getting down the hill and that I should turn round, easier said than done. I pulled into the side of the road and phoned my hubby up “I’m stuck, I screamed”
.”Well what can I do” My husband very unhelpfully replied. Granted he did have the kids to look after. I watched a few cars tentatively, but successfully manage the hill, took a deep breath, went for it and managed. I reckon the two blokes were wimps!

Got through the door and demanded a glass of wine and to make it quick from my concernd looking husband. 2 glasses of wine later and my legs have stopped shaking. I’m just mad about the lack of gritters.

Moral of the story:- Be careful abnout what you wish for!


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