Oucchh! almost ..

We had our boiler serviced today and we almost had a huge bill. A red light was flashing apparently which didn’t bode well according to the boiler man. It makes me wonder what he was going to actually do before he saw the light as he grumbled about having to investigate and take the cover off. Wouldn’t he have to do that anyway? Luckily to cut a long story short, it appears to be an electrical fault, I had visions of explosions, no heating and the cost of a replacement boiler.

Which led me to think about our current financial position. We trundle along each month, however if we needed to pay a couple of thousand out then I don’t know how we would do it. I’ve read somewhere that you should always have 3 months worth of salary in savings for such occurances. My question is, how? I must admit we are pretty rubbish at managing our finances, we always seem to spend loads, but have nothing to actually show for it. Money in our household seems to disapear into the ether never to be seen again.

What do people think about the new boiler scrappage scheme? £400 doesn’t make getting a new boiler anymore feasible to us as we would still need to find a couple of thousand.

I’m applying for a job at my sons’ school as a teaching assistant with a boy who has autism. I’m not sure if I meet the criteria, but I’ve worked with adults who have autism for many years and I have experience of working with children as a childminder and as a volunteer in school, so we will see ….


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