2017 update! Home education

New Years resolution’s and all that!

I’m planning on writing my blog a lot more regularly from now on. I spent some time reading through my previous posts with my son, who is now 12 and loved reminiscing events, situations and holidays over the years. To be perfectly honest we both felt a little bored reading the short articles on making money from home, which was general rather than from personal experience. So I’m going to revert back my original format.

An update on my family situation – I have one son, who is about to take his GCSE’s at school in May, One Son who is currently being educated at home by myself and my twin daughters are now in year one at school.

What did Katy do Next? She become a home educator! Not something I ever thought I would do, but just goes to prove that it’s almost impossible to see what’s round the corner.

My son had a very difficult transition from primary school to secondary school, coupled with the death of his Grandad the night before starting the new school. Anxiety levels were such that my husband and I felt that his health was more important, than actually being extremely unhappy at school.

One year on from our decision and my son now feels confident enough to attend a different school, close to home. Early days currently as hasn’t actually happened yet. We feel it’s going to be a tricky ride, but my son is adamant he wants to try.

How have we found home education? Wonderful, free and liberating are words that spring to mind! We have had so many wonderful experiences, learnt loads and met lots of fantastic people in the home education community. Certainly not isolating as many perceive home education to be.



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