GCSE revision

Today I’m suffering with a streaming cold, but have decided to get my 15 year old son on track with his revision. I do question why at 15/16 years old, children embark on probably the most important phase of their school life!

A run of the day so far – packed other 4 members of the family up to go to Morrisons and visit Grandparents. Followed by coercing of 15 year old to get out of bed at 10 minute intervals, all the way up to 11.45 am, culminating in me shrieking hysterically that he needs to get out of bed NOW!

This is then followed by sitting down for 45 minutes doing GCSE science, punctuated by toilet trips, fiddling with his hair, comments that he knows this stuff already, failing miserably on the test at the end and a leisurely lunch break (whilst I’m writing this).

Back to it now, we are going to attempt Geography – wish me luck!


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