Acrylic painting tutorial by The Art Sherpa – along with cheap art supplies from The Works

I appear to have a little time to myself at the moment, totally unheard of in recent times following the twins arrival combined with home education.

At last I now have all 4 children in school!

I’ve always enjoyed art, which wasn’t actively encouraged at school as my parents felt Art wasn’t a “proper” O’ level (that’s what we called them in those days!). So a few months ago I bought myself some cheap acrylic paints from The Works, along with some blank canvases and a cheap brush set. I then discovered the Art Sherpa on YouTube. My son and I followed a couple of the tutorials a while ago, results of which are on a previous post.

Yesterday however, I had the house to myself and spent a lovely relaxing few hours painting the above picture. Music on, cup of tea and paints spread all over the kitchen table. The Art Sherpa aka Cinnamon Cooney is such an amazing teacher and the tutorials are in real time and are not speeded up, although the pause button became my best friend! There are so many tutorials to choose from, I am particularly drawn to painting trees although painting the branches are a battle. I may try a sunflower next time.

Although some people may see following a tutorial as cheating, you learn so much. The above painting taught me perspective.

My picture isn’t perfect, but I enjoyed painting it and admit to being a tiny bit proud. 

I have no connections to The Art Sherpa, but recommend anyone to try the tutorials out.


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