Make The Most Of Your Garden With Your Kids This Summer

We’re lucky if we have a few weeks of sunshine (maybe that’s pushing it, let’s say days) here in Blighty during the summer months; but, when the sun does decide to grace you, there’s nowhere like it. Your garden and outdoor space looks better, smells fresher, the birds start singing, and there’s probably no place you and your little ones would rather be hanging out. The following are some ideas to inspire you to make the most of your garden this summer, so you and the family will have some lovely memories to look back on (and you might even catch a tan).
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Eat Al Fresco
It’s time to pull the BBQ out of hiding and give it a thorough wash and a hose down (or, try and get someone else to do it). Take a trip to the supermarket with the kids and get them involved in buying the coal and all the delicious food you’re about to cook up. You children will love helping you to cut up fruit and vegetable to make skewers, and wrapping jacket potatoes in foil, ready to throw onto the heat. Put some music on outside, and invite people over; everyone can bring a dish and drinks, and the kids will have a wonderful time.
You can utilise your garden more often by simply eating your lunch with the kids out there. Set up blankets and melamine tableware, and enjoy a picnic together. Again, involve the children in creating their own sandwiches or ice lollies, pop the radio on, and have a jolly picnic together. Check out some kid’s picnic recipes here:
Host A Garden Party
It’s always fun (and a little hectic) to invite the kid’s friends round to play, and, when it’s warm outside; it’s even better, as they’ll be no mess or spillages inside the house. Consider organising an outdoor disco, or even a sports day; you can arrange races and hand out prizes before everyone goes home. Take a look at this website and discover what you could be rewarding all the little athletes with when they’ve won the egg and spoon race.
When it comes to a mini disco; all you need is a dancefloor, refreshments, and some lively tunes. Use coloured chalk on your patio to create the dancefloor, or invest in some foam tiles for the lawn; your little ones will be worn out and ready for bed in no time.
Sleep Under The Stars
Setting up a tent in the back garden in a great way for your kids to enjoy the excitement of camping outside, with all the luxuries of home, and without having to pay a campsite fee. Make sure they all have a torch and are set up with plenty of soft squidgy bedding so that they’re comfortable and cosy; you could even join them!
Your children (and you) may not last the whole night; however, it’ll be a fun way to enjoy the warmer evenings. You’ll be spending time together when you’re not sat in front of a T.V. So, snuggle up, eat snacks, and tell each other stories; you’ll make family memories that will last a lifetime.
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