Well The Meal Plan Went Well – Not!

Well the meal plan went well – not! It’s been too sunny to stick to a meal plan. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to eat when it’s 29C in the shade is  a roast dinner or chilli! So it’s been BBQ’s all week alternated with chicken salad, fish cakes and salad and on Saturday night we ordered a pizza takeaway!
So as you can imagine, I think we’ve blown the budget for this week totally, especially as we’ve also had a few sneaky gin and tonics. Although delicious, BBQ’s (or ours at least) seem to cost loads! We always cook too much meat, the charcoal has to be bought, sauces,  salads, bread rolls, dips, crisps, olives and something yummy for dessert, such as banana’s with melted chocolate and strawberries and meringues. Eek we’ve spent an absolute fortune!
It has been lovely though and we’ve spent fantastic quality time eating together in the garden. I like to think to myself that actually BBQ food is fairly healthy, as the fat drips off the meat and you tend to eat lots of salad. I suppose this only works if you discount the crisps, dips, bread, cheese, chocolate and meringues, or better still don’t eat it! On the other hand, surely playing on the trampoline and messing around in the paddling pool burns enough calories to eat it? Let’s be honest, after a few gin and tonics – who cares anyway!
The above picture is how I would like my BBQ food to look like! In reality it’s a little more chargrilled (burnt!) and less colourful (black). It normally also just feature burgers, sausages and the occasional chicken drumstick.  
The great news is that the heatwave is due to last a while longer!
On Sunday it was so hot that we nipped out and bought a new paddling pool. Six hours later it was up and filled with water. It’s been up for a few days now and although still sunny I think it may be due a water change . What am I going to do with all the water? If I let it out all at once I think a tidal wave will flood the conservatory! I’m going to have to remove buckets of water, bit by bit and water the plants. That will be fun in 30 degrees heat! Maybe I can suggest it to the kids when they get back from school – they’ll love it I’m sure! 
Talking of school, today was the last day of exams for my 16 year old son. Phew, it’s been a long haul, but got there in the end. We’ve spent the last couple of hours looking at Prom suits, where to start! We looked at hiring one, but it’s more cost effective to buy one, especially as he has to wear business wear for sixth form. Looking at suits for teenagers is a minefield. Do you buy regular, slim, skinny or super skinny! We’ve settled on a skinny suit from ASOS – along with shirt tie and shoes, that he more than likely won’t wear again. Hopefully if they don’t fit, we’ll have time to exchange them. We’ve left it very late as usual. I dread to think how long the process will be and how much it will cost when the twins are 16! At least boys don’t need hair, makeup and nails doing. We’ve got ten years to save, better start now.
 So school finished for my son. Text books, notes, folders, revision guides and uniform in the bin. Bring on the summer!! 

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