We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday: Just Secure Your Home First!

It’s that time of year again when we start going on our summer holidays. After all, the kids break up from school. And a week or two away in a hot country can do us all the world of good. But before you leave your home, you need to make sure you have thought about home security. After all, soon as you have left for the airport, your home is at high risk of thieves. To ensure this doesn’t happen, here are some ways you can secure your home first when you are off on a summer holiday!
Ensure all the doors are locked
It might sound simple, but it’s so important to make sure you have locked the back and front door. You might be shocked to know that so many people leave their home forgetting to do this. After all, when you are rushing to put the cases in the car, it’s easy to forget to make some last-minute checks. But then you might drive away leaving criminals with easy access to your home. If you do come home to find your house broken into, you might not be able to make a claim if it turns out the doors were unlocked. After all, you were providing easy access for the burglars to get into the property. Therefore, before you leave home, make sure you do check the doors!
Set up an alarm
It’s so easy for people to go about their day without looking at their neighbouring properties. But this means if you are away on holiday, they might not notice that someone is trying to break into the property. They might only spot signs of a break in after the event. However, there are some ways to ensure they are alerted quickly, even when they are in their own home. One way is by installing an alarm in your home. That way, if a criminal does try their hand at getting into your property, they will be met with a loud sounding alarm which will alert the neighbours. If you go for robust alarm systems, you can ensure the shed and garage are protected too by the alarm. Just having an alarm can stop a burglar in their tracks!
Give a friend or neighbour a key
To ensure your home stays safe and sound while you are on holiday, you should consider giving a key to a friend or neighbour. After all, if they can pop in every day, they are bound to ensure the home stays secure. They will also notice quickly if there has been a disturbance at the property. And if the neighbour does see something suspicious, they can let themselves in to check out what’s going on. That way, they won’t have to wait for the police to come and get inside the property. If you would like your home to be extra secure, you could look into getting a housesitter. Ask someone you know, or you can find sites online where you can find someone trustworthy who will take care of your home!
Make sure all valuables are put away safely before leaving the home. That way, there is less on display which might entice the burgular.


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