What Makes A Great Bathroom?

The bathroom is a humble room, but not one without incredible features. The bathroom is a true home time hero – cleaning the kids after adventures, but also for helping us get rid of stress. There isn’t a single thing on this planet that can get rid of stress like a warm bath or shower, where worries quite literally leak away with the flow of the water, and hopefully end up flowing down the drain away from us and our lives. Stress – who needs it?
The bathroom is underrated, and that can lead to the room being overlooked. When we think of renovations, we tend to focus on lower-floor and well-used rooms.
Unless the bathroom is an absolute bombsite with broken tiles and exposed pipes, it might not see renovation. However when the time comes to renovate and rework the bathroom, we need to aim high. A lot of designers say that they feel like the bathroom is an add-on, or an accessory. That’s not right.  A good bathroom isn’t acceptable. We need a great bathroom.
What makes a great bathroom? Space. We are not all lucky enough to have huge open-plan bathrooms; we are restricted for the most part by the building that we call home and the space it has allocated for a bathroom.
Even with a small bathroom, we can make use of the space – we just need to think and be smart about it. We need utility from our space – this means counters for toiletries, storage for towels and cosmetics. If space is a problem, why not remove your sink and move it into the corner – it will give you a bit of space to move around – an underappreciated factor in design.
A lot of bathrooms do not have enough storage space, so look high! For ideas, click here – you can also find all the items you need. If you can install racks, rails, and cupboards high up – do it. It will mean you’ve got more place to put important things.
A good bathroom is also tiled. Tiles look great and they are far better than carpet. Carpet isn’t slippery (we’ll get onto that) – but it rots and molds with water. If you want a modern bathroom, consult the use of ceramics!
It’s also important that a bathroom is safe. Add  non slip mats to shower floors and bathtubs. A few rugs with the duty of soaking up water would be useful. Also – seek rounded designs – ceramics and wooden features  often have sharp corners. Round corners are still dangerous – but sharp corners are an active threat!
The rest is obvious! A great bathroom is found through its use. If your family can get cleaner quicker and more comfortably – that means the bathroom is serving its purpose and the mission is complete for now. Round off the bathroom with a toilet and a power shower and your job is done. A great bathroom has one job, but it needs to do it well.
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