What’s The Worst Room To Renovate?

If you are facing a full house renovation, then the task can be daunting. Where do you begin? Which part is going to cause the most chaos? How do you pick the area most in need of a refresh?

Well, while everything is subjective, it’s fairly obvious when you get down to the facts which room is the most irritating to renovate. There are a fair few different factors at play in how the definition of “worst” should be made, so let’s get down to it…
Is The Worst Room To Renovate The… Kitchen?
Okay, so there’s no denying that going through a kitchen renovation is pretty irritating. The worst is how it impacts your ability to cook. In the process of any kitchen reno, you will inevitably be stuck with nothing but takeaways as your cuisine – which is not the most inspiring menu if you’re used to home-cooked goodness.
There’s also the fact that kitchens have a tendency to be the hub of the home. That’s where everyone congregates and talks; this being denied is tough, made even worse if your kitchen is also your dining room. You can find yourselves cluttering up the hallways instead, without that central anchor point that most families tend to gravitate too.
But is it the worst? Nope. It’s not fun, but there are plenty of workarounds that can make it easier to cope with the food problem.
Is The Worst Room To Renovate The… Bedroom?
Your bedroom is meant to be where you get your rest from the world. It’s your space, for your own peace and quiet. If you’re renovating elsewhere in the house, it might be where you retreat when you need a bit of quiet time to yourself.
So when it’s undergoing a renovation of its own, you suddenly lose that sanctuary. You can go to bed with dust still spiralling through the air; not exactly a relaxing environment that’s comfortable and conducive to good sleep. Then there’s the clothes problem, if your reno has involved moving the wardrobes. You can find yourself living out of a suitcase even though you’re at home.
But is it the worst? No. The loss of your personal space is tough, but definitely not as tough to cope with as the problems renovating other rooms has a tendency to cause.
Is The Worst Room To Renovate The… Bathroom?
The bathroom is where you start the day, wake yourself up, and generally go through the process of making yourself look presentable. If it’s in a state of chaos, then it’s not an ideal space to be getting ready for the day ahead.
Then there’s the simple realities: we all need to use the bathroom and we all need to shower. In the process of a reno, these facilities might be denied to us for a period of time.
But is it the worst? Yes. Combine the lack of facilities with the fact that you can’t even have a shower to clean yourself up for (or after!) renovation work, that’s the winner.
Which room in the house do you think is the most annoying to renovate?


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