Are You Ready to Adopt a Horse?

You shouldn’t rush a decision to get any pet, even if it’s something as simple and seemingly low-maintenance as fish. But there’s no denying that horses require even more consideration than the likes of dogs or cats. Here’s a quick guide to ensuring you’re ready to adopt a horse.
Horses are demanding creatures, and the extent to which this is true often shocks a lot of first-time buyers of horses. If you’re thinking about buying or adopting a horse, then it’s highly recommended that you actually spend some time with a horse first. See if you can volunteer at a local stable; you can trade free work for valuable hands-on experience and education.

The costs
Pets are pretty expensive, more so than a lot of people think. Horses are among the most expensive of them all. The following sections will highlight the precise expenditures you’ll experience as a good horse owner. It’s vital that you’re in a good place financially if you want to raise a horse; it’s not just the occasional unexpected event that will cost a lot, as with many other pets, but general upkeep.
No, your horse isn’t just going to be content to eat whatever grass is on your property. There probably wouldn’t be enough grass on your property even if that were the case! The fact is that grass doesn’t provide anywhere near enough nutrients to help horses sustain themselves. You need to make sure they have grains, salt, protein, and hay.

If all you have is a standard backyard, then you should probably consider getting a different pet altogether. Unless your backyard happens to be at least an acre big, of course. You’ll need enough room to get “horse accommodation” from the likes of Vale Stables. You should really only consider getting a horse if you have a field of at least this size, or if you’re able to keep them on a farm nearby. (Which almost defeats the point of ownership!) They also need enough room leftover in which to run around to their heart’s content.
You may have noticed that dogs and cats don’t tend to get all that lonely, although they have been known to appreciate company in the form of other animals. Horses, on the other hand, are known to get quite lonely indeed if they don’t have companionship. Another barn animal can make a great companion; this is why a lot of people who don’t want to own two horses end up adopting a goat! Of course, the best companion is another horse.

You’re going to need quite a few tools if you want to take adequate care of your horse. The first thing that people think of, and quite rightly, is brushes. Horses can’t really tend to their own coat all that well, you see – that’s up to you! You’ll also need to get hoof picks, as your horse’s hooves will pick up a lot of dirt and stones. This can cause foot damage in the long run. You should also get some blankets, as a horse’s coat isn’t quite enough to keep out the elements in cold or wet weather!
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