Taking Care Of Mum: Health Tips For Every Stage Of Parenthood

As a parent, you focus all your energy and attention on making sure your kids are happy and healthy, but it’s important to devote a little time to your own health and wellbeing. If you’re thinking of expanding your family or you have growing kids that keep you rushed off your feet, here are some health tips that may come in handy.


Many people start taking better care of themselves when there’s a baby on the way, but if you’re trying to conceive, it’s really important to focus on your health before that test comes back positive. Try and avoid stressful situations, eat well, make sure you get enough sleep and exercise on a regular basis. Start taking supplements like Pregnacare Conception to boost your folic acid levels, and relax. If you’ve decided that you want a baby, you may become impatient and anxious if you don’t get results overnight, but hang in there. It can take some couples much longer to conceive than others. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you are having difficulties, it’s a good idea to use ovulation tests so that you can keep track of your most fertile days. If you’ve been trying for longer than 12 months, see your doctor.

Pregnancy health

Pregnancy is a unique experience, and no amount of tales and tips from other mums will prepare you for what happens to your body over the course of those 9 months. Some women love being pregnant while others really struggle. Common health problems during pregnancy include tiredness, back pain, mood swings, disturbed sleep patterns and morning sickness. If you are pregnant, try and take it easy, manage stress, and rest when you need to. See your GP if you’re finding it difficult to cope with the symptoms or you have extreme side-effects such as constant vomiting.

Surviving the first few weeks

When your newborn baby arrives, you may experience a mixture of emotions. It’s so exciting to have this little person in the world after months of anticipation, but it’s also a scary prospect. There’s no parenting manual to follow, and you have to use your intuition and learn on the job. For the first few weeks, looking after that precious bundle will be exhausting, and at times, you may wonder how you’re going to make it through without any sleep. Try and nap when you can, use your support network, and try and have short periods of time when you can have a few moments to yourself.

Dealing with hectic schedules as your kids get older

When your kids get older, you’ll find that life can get very hectic. You’ve got school runs to do, parties every weekend, after school clubs and sports sessions to juggle, as well as other commitments. It can be difficult trying to find a balance, which enables you to concentrate on yourself, as well as your little ones. Try and manage your time so that you schedule downtime and pay as much attention to your health as you do your children’s. Adopt healthy living habits. Get out and about, prepare healthy meals, have fun together, and keep up to date with health checks and dental appointments. If you’re stressed out, don’t struggle in silence. It’s very common for parents to experience bouts of severe stress. Whether you feel like you’re always swimming against the tide or you have issues like money worries or you’re trying to care for your parents at the same time as raising kids, there is help available. See your doctor if stress is affecting your health or you feel like it’s getting worse.

Navigating the stormy teenage seas

The teenage years throw up all kinds of challenges for parents. There are changing attitudes and mood swings to deal with, your kids may lose interest in affection, and there may be sleepless nights to contend with as you wait for your children to get home from a party or wonder if they’re safe as they hit the roads. It’s really beneficial to try and communicate with your children as they get older, and to be open with them, and encourage them to talk to you. If you know what’s going on in their head, and they understand that you worry about them, you can both take steps to make life easier.

As a mum, you probably spend most of your time worrying about your kids and making sure you do everything possible to make them happy. It’s hugely important to be caring and compassionate, but you also need to pay attention to your own health. Parenting is no walk in the park. Hopefully, this guide will help you to stay fighting fit every step of the way.
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