Wicked Uncle Review – Teens Hard To Buy For? Wicked Uncle Have It Covered!

Everyone knows that teenagers are notoriously hard to buy gifts for – but the website Wicked Uncle really have it covered! Birthdays and Christmas can be tricky, especially if the person buying the gift is a little out of touch with teenagers.
Teenagers are so particular about what activities and items they perceive to be cool or not. There appears to be no rhyme or reason as to why an item is cool and I can guarantee that unless you’re a teenager yourself, whatever you choose will be wrong!
My thirteen year old on son is no exception to the rule, so I embraced the opportunity to take part in reviewing the teenage gifts that Wicked Uncle sell.
Rather than choose the gifts for my son myself, I decided to give him free reign with the voucher that we were kindly given by Wicked Uncle. The website is really cool and quirky, so particularly attractive to teenagers. The products are also helpfully divided into age groups. My son headed straight to the teenage section.  I was pleasantly surprised (as was my son) to find a variety of products covering a range of interests – Adventurer, wicked fun, outdoorsy, creativity and books and games.
My son immediately chose the Jelly fish Tank Mood light priced at £18.95. Which I was pleased about as I kind of had my eye on the lamp too!

He then went on to choose the Foooty Create Your Own Football priced at £12.95.
Finally he chose the Extreme Waboba Ball – which bounces on water, priced £5.95. 

It took a while to decide on these items, as to be perfectly honest he was tempted by lots of items. Some of which are pictured below.

We also had a look in the other age group categories and there are lots of items that I know my six year old daughters would love too.
The ordering process was very easy and you are also offered a gift wrap option. I had a look at the options available, some are pictured below. I feel the gift wrap option is a fantastic service as it enables relatives and friends to post items ready wrapped to the child. It’s also very convenient even if you choose the option for your own benefit. I am “that mum” who can be found frantically looking for gift wrap and sellotape five minutes before a party begins!
Following choosing your gift wrap you can then choose a personalised greeting card. Lots of designs are available covering all age groups, some of which are pictured below. 

So we waited for our parcel of goodies to arrive! We didn’t need to wait long as the items arrived in a couple of days. Everything was very well packaged and was certainly very well received by my son! The Jellyfish lamp is amazing. I can honestly say the jelly fish look real and would rival some of the real jellyfish exhibits in an aquarium! I liked the fact that you add the water and a couple of drops of washing up liquid yourself before adding the jelly fish, rather than it arriving in a sealed unit. My son commented that he enjoyed setting it up.

The photo’s unfortunately don’t do the lamp justice. The jellyfish look really realistic in real life!

The Foooty – create your own football was also a hit. Again it required assembly by my son and it can apparently be transformed into a Frisbee or rugby ball too. There’s a really good video on The Wicked Uncle website demonstrating how to use the ball.
We have yet to use the Waboba ball, as it’s coming on holiday with us to use in the sea and pool.

Rather helpfully there is a postcard included in the delivery for your child to say thanks for their gifts.

Wicked Uncle really have it covered when buying gifts for teenagers. My son and I were impressed both by the products and the website. My son said “Mum, this website is actually quite cool!” which I feel is a great compliment from a thirteen year old. I will definitely be using Wicked Uncle again in the future. 
Having just spent two hours trawling the high street with my son in the search of clothes for holiday I can truly sympathise with anyone given the task of shopping for teenagers. In fact what a cool business idea – a one stop shop for “cool” clothes for teenagers! An off-shoot website for Wicked Uncle perhaps?
* I was given a £40 voucher in return for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own


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