5 Home Maintenance Jobs You Wish You Didn’t Have To Do

They say home ownership gives you freedom and joy. That might be true until it comes time to tackle all those home maintenance jobs you wish you didn’t have to do! Owning your own home is a big responsibility that goes far beyond repaying the mortgage. Still, would you have it any other way? Here are the dreaded 5 tasks we all wish we didn’t have to do:

Clean the oven
This is perhaps one of the dirtiest jobs there are. No wonder so many people hire a pro in to tackle it! Of course, if we did this a little more often, there would be no need to go in there with a deep clean. Spills are tricky to see inside because the oven is coated in a black or dark grey colour anyway. Some people swear by steaming as their cleaner of choice. Others prefer a good scrub. Why not check out all the other little gadgets you use in the kitchen? Muck and debris can get in every nook and cranny!

Clear the guttering
We all feel that sense of dread because you’re balanced precariously at the top of a ladder. But what you might find in the gutter can leave you feeling rather squeamish! Moss, pebbles, and leaves are quite common causes of blocked or overflowing guttering. Dead birds, mice, and spiders that are very much alive can be less welcome! While you’re up there, check your roof tiles are intact, and the cement isn’t broken. Roof repairs might not take long, but it’s still best to call in the pros if you find something wrong up there.

Weed the lawn
Mowing is a nuisance. Weeding, on the other hand, is a task most of us really could live without. When you have pets and children, it’s usually best to avoid chemical weed killers. This might leave you down on your hands and knees tugging at prickly leaves every few weeks in the summer though. Keeping grass short can help reduce the number of weeds that break through. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to avoid them turning up and almost impossible to get rid of them permanently.

Paint the fence
The smell of that chemical fence paint that protects the wood is awful! It will stain everything it touches too. This can include your paths, patios, walls, clothes, shoes, and skin! It might be a good idea to wear one of those complete coveralls as if you’re searching for forensic evidence. While you’re doing the fence and gate, it’s a good idea to give your decking a once over. Those things can get incredibly slippery if mould and moss take hold between the grooves.

Clear out the garage
Most of us are more than happy to dump the junk in the garage when we’re having a clear-out in the house. Unfortunately, there comes a time when the garage is no longer useable. This is when you know you’ve got to clear out the stuff you cleared out before. Maybe next time you declutter, go straight to the recycling centre! What’s your most hated household chore?
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