#HealthyRed MeatChallenge – Cottage Pie and Yorkshire Puddings

As a busy mum of four, getting my children to sit down and eat healthy meals can sometimes be a challenge. Often our home can feel like a mini café, as I try to cater for everyone’s different likes and dislikes, not to mention food allergies. 
I signed up to take part in the #healthymeatchallenge with Britmums and the Meat Advisory Panel so that I could attempt to create a meal that all the family would love.
Red meat has had a lot of bad press recently, however red meat contains a range of important nutrients that are often found to be low in toddlers including iron, zinc, B vitamins, selenium and potassium.

Dr Emma Derbyshire, a public health nutritionist and mother says

“Including a small portion of red meat in the diet a few times a week after weaning can help to bridge nutrient gaps and so help to maintain good health through childhood and beyond.” 
I decided to make a healthy cottage pie made with minced beef, packed with vegetables and beans. I accompanied the cottage pie with Broccoli and Yorkshire puddings, as the kids love them!
Recipe for Cottage Pie

750g lean minced beef
2 onions chopped
2 chopped carrots
1/2 bag frozen mixed veg
I tin of baked beans
Gravy granules
Mashed potato (enough to cover dish)
Grated cheese (optional)
Dry fry the mince until it turns brown, drain away excess fat.
Add chopped onions and fry until soft,
Add all the veg and enough boiling water to  allow the meat to simmer for 1/2 hour.
Towards end of cooking add the beans and heat.
Add sufficient gravy granules to thicken.
Put into dish and layer the mashed potato on top, fluffing up with a fork.
Add grated cheese on to the top if desired.
Put into oven at about 180c and cook for half an hour until potato starts to brown.

We made Yorkshire puddings too . It’s a good way of getting children involved in the cooking – my girls love whisking and mixing!

I have found a fool proof way of making the Yorkshire’s and have used this method ever since. It’s really simple!
Recipe – fool proof Yorkshire Puddings! 
Choose a cup in which to measure all your ingredients.
Fill cup to top with plain flower and tip into bowl.
Fill cup to top with eggs and whisk into the flour.
Fill cup to the top with milk and whisk into flour and eggs.
Add seasoning.
Whisk until smooth and leave to stand a while (I’ve never used a specific time for this)
Add a drop of oil to each part of your Yorkshire pudding tray and heat in a very hot oven 220c until smoking.  
Pour mixture into the tray and put in the oven until brown and fluffy. Usually takes around 20 mins. Don’t open the oven door too soon!
OK – so these are not my actual Yorkshire Puddings, as although fool proof they are not pretty! They are more like fighting to get out of the oven door monstrosities,  well risen – but huge!   

So what was the verdict? My children loved it. Although not traditional to add beans to cottage pie, we love it. A great way to encourage red meat into the families diet.
*This post is an entry for the BritMums #HealthyRedMeat, sponsored by the Meat Advisory Pane


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  1. September 26, 2017 / 4:16 pm

    Got to love Yorkshires as a Yorkshire lass – commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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