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Forth With Life is a biomarker tracking  platform, which enables you to improve your health by monitoring your body’s internal markers by a simple blood test at home. The results are then collated into your own personal dashboard for you to view and monitor.
I was really pleased to be offered the chance to review one of the blood tests and chose the baseline test, as I thought it would be good to get an overall picture of my health.
The test arrived really quickly from the time of ordering.
The kit arrives with everything you need to take your blood sample and there are very clear instructions and tips on the best way to collect the blood. The actual pricking of your finger is simple as the sharp is concealed and releases with the correct amount of pressure. I had visions of having to prick my own finger with a lancet, as I used to do years ago as a bored student nurse, when working nights to test my own blood sugar!
The kit also contains wipes and plasters. I was a little surprised by the amount of blood you need to collect for the test as you have to fill the vial to the top (the vial was tiny though!). It did get a little messy trying to direct the drops of blood into the vial and I had to prick my finger twice. It was pretty much painless though. The sample is then labelled and posted into the normal postal system in a yellow plastic bio hazard bag. I then logged into my dashboard on the Forth With Life website to inform them my sample was on it’s way.
Amazingly, the very next day I was emailed to say that my results were ready to view! I really can’t believe how fast the process took and I was very interested to view my results.
The baseline test includes testing biomarkers in your blood, cardio vascular system (including cholesterol), kidneys, liver, metabolic system and vitamin and mineral levels.
In the past I have suffered from low iron levels and have been prescribed iron tablets from my GP. It has been a while since I’ve had my levels checked and I haven’t taken any iron supplements for a few months. So, I was really interested to see what my Ferritin levels would be like. Unfortunately they are border line low, so it looks like a GP appointment is due! What I really liked about the Forth With Life dashboard, is that a paragraph explaining deficiencies is included alongside the results which  is written in a clear, informative way.
Another surprise (or not judging by the British climate) is that my vitamin D levels are low. It is apparently very hard to increase vitamin D levels by sunlight and diet alone, so I will be looking at buying a supplement.
I am happy to say the rest of my tests were 100% normal.
Interestingly my energy levels have been feeling low recently and with a combination of low ferritin and vitamin D levels, this is not surprising.
I have found the whole process of reviewing the baseline test from Forth With Life very interesting and informative. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others. I will certainly be making a trip to my GP and will be making dietary changes too. The baseline test that I tested is a subscription package where you can monitor and track changes throughout a period of time. This mean that when you make changes to your diet or exercise levels you can recheck the effectiveness of the changes you make. Once you sign up to the subscription package you can cancel or pause at anytime.
*for the purpose of this review I received one baseline blood test from Forth With Life. All words and opinions are my own


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