Shopping List Essentials For Every New Dog Owner

Dogs make for a wonderful family pet, but there are a lot of things you need to add to your shopping list before you welcome your canine friend into your home. There are the expected items, such as a food bowl and a lead and collar, but here are some other things that should be considered essential.

1. A baby gate

You want your dog to enjoy his new home, but you probably don’t want to allow access to every room of your house. Installing a baby gate in certain doorways will block your dog from reaching restricted areas. This is better than shutting him in a room overnight with the door closed, as your dog will whine and possibly cause damage to the house in an attempt to reach you.

2. A comfortable bed

It’s not really hygienic to let your dog sleep in the bed with you, and you don’t want your dog creeping up on the sofa while you’re getting your beauty sleep. These are some of the best dog beds available, but do your research, as not every bed suits every dog. Be sure to encourage your dog to sleep on the bed during the day, to get him into the habit of using it. A dog treat and a few toys on the bedding are added incentive.

3. A flea collar

Fleas are a common problem, and they are a nightmare to get rid of. As your vet will tell you, it is important to reduce the problem with a regular pill or spot-on treatment. However, a flea collar is also a handy deterrent, such as the ones developed by Pet Action. Your dog won’t be the only one scratching if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

4. An anti-chew spray

Dogs like to chew on everything, especially when they are young. Buying your dog a few toys will help, but if there any areas of the house where they like a good nibble, you really need an effective anti-chew spray. The bitter taste of the spray will put your pooch off nibbling items such as chair legs forever.

5. Cleaning supplies

Your house is going to get mucky having a resident dog taking up space, so there’s a few things you should definitely invest in. An enzymatic carpet cleaner will cover up the stains and odours left behind by accidents, and a pet hair remover will work wonders on your furniture.

6. An identification tag

We recommend you get your dog chipped by the vet, as this is a crucial way of returning your dog to you should he go missing. However, an ID tag is also important. Not only will the finder return the dog to you, but it is also an indicator that your dog isn’t a stray. Dogs do have a habit of going for a wander, especially if they spot a cat or a rabbit, so you shouldn’t overlook this important item.

7. Poop scoop

You will need poop bags of course unless you want to incur the wrath of any passer-by on your dog walk. However, a poop scoop should also be considered essential for those hard to pick up droppings. Raked scoops are useful for droppings on the grass, and the flat-edged variety are perfect for concrete stools.

8. Doggie treats
We all deserve a treat occasionally, and your dogs require the same. You shouldn’t feed your dog anything from your treat jar, especially chocolate, but there are dog treats on the market that are both delicious and nutritious. They are great for training purposes, too.
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