The Beginners Guide To Freebie Hunting

Few things in life are as fun as receiving “gifts” in the mail. In fact, it ranks amongst the most satisfying feelings you can experience without having to pay for it. The best part is that you can get your freebies online and offline, meaning you can brighten up your birthday with a few presents for yourself – at no charge.
In light of getting you into the habit of creating special days with surprises in the post, this article contains tips on making it happen. If you want to know about effective ways to lock in many different types of freebies, these tips are sure to help you stock up on things you typically don’t have money for.
1. Signing Up For Free Samples
Every online entrepreneur is going to start a mailing list. And this mailing list is incredibly important to them, seeing as it gives them a direct connection to clients and customers. At the same time, customers and clients appreciate getting emails with special offers and promotions.
However, signing up for a mailing list usually comes with a few goodies. In order for the entrepreneur to get more traction, and to motivate users to sign up, he or she will offer a promotion of some kind. This can either be a coupon or voucher for a free item. Actually, it can be many different things, seeing as these promotions have to be funded according to budget. And for the most part, the product you’ll be getting is a sample. You have to decide whether a few minutes of your time is worth the freebie, of course.
2. Online Surveys
Just like entrepreneurs are heavily focused on building mailing lists, companies are very focused on the habits of their clients. The more they know about consumer habits, the more targeted their campaigns and products will be. And they get this information via online surveys, which usually comes with some kind of incentive for participating. This incentive can range between gift cards, small amounts of money, or merchandise.
3. Get Those Coupons
People really underestimate the power of coupons, and sometimes you will be surprised at the luck you get. For example, there are buy one get one coupons, and even completely free coupons if you look in the right places. These places include weekly mail and at the stores where you redeem them. Even though this is a very common marketing campaign, it remains incredibly effective for everyone involved.
4. Search For Freebies Through A Special Website
Thanks to modern technology, you can literally search for freebies in one place. There are websites designated towards finding freebie opportunities for you, meaning you don’t have to do all the grunt work. Our favouriate freebie site:
WOW FreeStuff
A very user-friendly site with straightforward navigation. You can make use of the social media options as well as the apps to stay connected for updates. Anything that is currently free on the web, you will most likely get it here, whether it is movie tickets, music, or coupons.


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