Being Environmentally Friendly Through the Winter

It can be difficult being environmentally friendly in the winter. We’re much more likely to use more energy to keep ourselves comfortable and warm, we’re more hesitant to spend time sorting out our recycling bins outdoors, and we tend to purchase a lot of items that get tossed in the trash after one or two uses. But rather than beating yourself up about it, use the winter months as an opportunity for self-improvement when it comes to being green. There’s no need to wait for the new year to get started with your resolutions. Start making a change today! Here are a few ways that you can be eco-minded over the coming months.

Insulate Your Property
Homes that are not properly insulated are environmental enemy number one during the colder months. Sure, you are going to use fuels to keep you and your family toasty. But you’re going to use excessive amounts if the heat in your property goes straight through the roof or out of the windows. Proper insulation can mean that you only have to heat your property once a day and the contained heat will keep you snug as a bug for hours on end. So, let’s start with the roof. Heat rises, so it’s not all too surprising that the majority of heat is lost from your loft. Prevent this by ensuring that you have thick insulation between your loft space and the outdoors. If you don’t use your loft space, also invest in insulation between the ceiling of your top floor and the base of the loft, as it doesn’t matter if the rafters are chilly. Next: windows. Glass is a poor insulator, but we use it so that we can allow natural light into our properties and see the world outside. Double glazing is as good a solution as we currently have. It keeps more heat in than single glazing and is altogether surprisingly effective at its job.

Make Use of Self Storage
As the temperature drops, many people will toss their summer goods and belongings aside. Hundreds of thousands of pool floats end up in landfill each year. So do many garden chairs, hammocks, inflatable pools and items of summer clothing. Why throw these things away when you’re just going to have to pay for new ones in a few months? Instead, find storage near you and keep your belongings in a safe and secure environment until you next require them.

Use Sustainable Gift Wrap
People tend to give a lot of gifts for the coming holiday season. This is brilliant. But where possible, try to use sustainable gift wrap. Stay away from virgin paper and plastic bows. There are plenty of recycled paper options out there, and plastic simply ends up in a land fill and does not biodegrade. Magazine collages can make exciting prints, and pine sprigs or pine cones make wonderful natural additions to your wrapping in place of plastic bows or ribbons.
Remember that the actions you take and the decisions you make can have profound effects on the world around you. So be green this winter!
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