Get Yourself Outdoors This Winter

Winter is a time where far too many of us hibernate in the house for days on end and become completely ingrained in the sofa. It’s freezing cold outside, the weather can be incredibly unpredictable, and to top it off the days are shorter.
But should that be an excuse to wallow away inside for the whole season? Hell no.
Here is a list of all the fun activities you should be doing this winter.
Snow Activities
Go for a ski trip with your family and friends, go snowshoeing. If you live close to the city, you may even find a pop-up ice rink to go for a skate. Take the kids out sledding in your local park. You can even have a snowball fight with your partner or build an igloo or a snowman. The snow is a fun activity in itself, and you’ll only get to enjoy it in the winter!
The Great Outdoors
Go camping in the middle of winter. You can get out the tent and equipment, and go out into the winter wilderness with your family. It will be cold, so make sure you take a flask of hot soup and plenty of blankets! Spend the evening building a fire, cooking some fish directly over the flames. You’ll have time to bond, be away from technology and be out in nature.
Day Trips
If camping just isn’t your thing, you can still make the most of the countryside during the day. If you are into hiking and staying fit you could even challenge yourself to the 3 peaks challenge. If not, simply find a woodland or national park close to where you live and take a long stroll out in the crisp air. In the winter, the sun shines extra bright and you may find that you get plenty of amazing photo opportunities too. If the day is sunny and bright, make up a picnic at home with sandwiches, a flask of soup and a flask of hot cocoa or tea. Find a spot in your local park and enjoy the feeling of being outside as you warm your cockles.
Use Your Dog
If you have a pet dog, this will be the perfect opportunity to get yourself out into the open, because your dog will need regular walks. Have fun watching your dog play in the snow, and maybe even throw the occasional snowball at them too- don’t worry, they will love it!
Closer To Home
If you want to get outdoors but you don’t really want to leave your home because you are busy, spend some time in your garden. You might think that in the winter your garden holds no life whatsoever, but actually there are still birds flying around which need to be fed so they can survive the winter. If you often cook meats like sausages or bacon, don’t get rid of the fat- pour it into a foil-lined tub and sprinkle in some seeds. Leave these out in the garden as a homemade fat block for the wildlife in your garden. You’ll be able to attract more birds to your home and watch them as you sit on the patio.
In The City
If you live near the city or you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the streets, why not take a weekend day to go into town early doors and do some Christmas shopping as you walk around the city? Skip the online shopping and pick things up in person- you may find some great gifts for your family, and you’ll also be getting some great exercise to keep you fit and warm.
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