Getting Back On Track In January

It’s January. 2018 has finally arrived and we are all starting a clean slate for the year ahead. It is likely that during the last few months your finances have taken a bit of a beating with preparations for Christmas, buying in food and drink and presents. Many of us come into January a little empty in the pocket and this can make it difficult for us to complete our financial goals in that first crucial month of the year.

However, to help you get back on track we have come up with a few ideas for financing and your lifestyle in the new year to help you pick yourself back up and get into the swing of things in the new year.

1. Adjust your thinking

Remember that a new year is the chance for a new start. Forget the issues you had last year and instead start to come up with a plan to change your situation. If you ate a few too many pigs in blankets over Christmas then forgive yourself and come up with a diet and exercise plan to work on it. If you found yourself in debt after Christmas spending, you can use a site like to settle your debts and start fresh.

2. Change your goals

When you try to implement your new year’s resolutions, remember that you don’t have to stick to them strictly. If you want to be drinking 2 litres of water a day but you can only stomach 1.5, then stick to that instead. Listen to your body and yourself and adjust accordingly.

3. Forgive

Holding grudges is a habit that many of us do unconsciously at some point in our lives, but actually all it does is bring our own mood down and add negativity to our lives. This year change the way you think and learn to forgive the ones you love for petty things.

4. Focus

One of the more difficult things many of us find to do is to focus our energy completely. Remember if you want to learn how to save up money or budget yourself that you must focus on your end goal. Set yourself a figure to save each month and try your best to hit it. It is the only way you will find yourself better off financially and more stable.

5. Give yourself a free pass

Sometimes things won’t go exactly the way that you planned. It could be that you have a saving goal of £100 each month, but because of someone’s birthday you only managed to save £80. Instead of beating yourself up about this small shortfall, give yourself a break and understand that you are allowed to live in the moment sometimes. It might not be ideal for your goals, but you can just try extra hard next month to hit your target. Remember that you need to enjoy life while you live it as well as do what you set out to do.

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