Make Moving Home as Cost Efficient as Possible

Moving house can be an extremely stressful process. Not only does it require a lot of time and effort, as you have to advertise your current property, scour the market for new properties, and make some major life decisions along the way, but it can also prove extremely costly. There are so many hidden fees that can hit you along the way. But not to worry. It is possible to move home in a cost efficient manner. You just have to be a little more savvy when it comes to the moving process. Here are a few effective ways to cut costs and keep your hard earned cash to yourself.

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Use Low Fee Estate Agents

A major cost that the majority of people incur when moving house is estate agency fees. Selling your property and moving into a new one doesn’t tend to come cheap. There are usually all sorts of administrative charges, service charges, and other charges that come hand in hand with making use of an estate agent to get your property on the market. However, if you abstain from going with whichever agency is nearest to you or the first to spring to mind, you will give yourself enough time to research low fee estate agents. This will help to save you a whole lot of money!

View Properties

So many people have viewed images of a property online and put their application straight in. This isn’t surprising, as there’s a lot of competition and people generally want to secure a desirable property for themselves before it’s snapped up by someone else. But if you get to a property and it isn’t what you imagined, you are likely to have to start the entire process again and may lose any money you’ve placed down for the application process so far.

Invest in Professional Removals

Many people think that they can minimise moving costs by shifting their belongings from their current property to their new property by themselves. They’ll rent a small van and conduct numerous trips back and forth from A to B. But there are several problems with this. First of all, you are likely to spend a whole lot between renting a van and filling it with enough fuel to do multiple trips by the time your work is done. Second, you may incur fines if you leave the van parked right next to your new property as you move everything from the van to your home. Finally, you are extremely likely to damage at least one (or perhaps even multiple) of your items, as you won’t have much experience in how to properly arrange everything and how to get things in and out of the van safely. This results in having to fork out for replacements or repairs. Nine times out of ten you’d actually be much better off investing in the helping hand of professional removal services. These individuals have vans that are generally big enough to move everything in one trip, have the necessary permits to park, and the experience to arrange your belongings properly and get them in and out of the van safely.

These are just three different ways to cut costs, but employing them can help you to save a whole lot of money in the long run!

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