There Are Things Only A Dog Owner Will Understand!

Say goodbye to your favourite chair (image)

Dogs bring us joy. Dogs bring us frustration. And dogs bring us wonder. They impact our lives in many ways, and there are things we know to be true that our non-dog owning friends will never understand. Take the following as examples.

  • Dogs really are our best friends. Your best (human) mate may get offended, but it’s true. Your dog doesn’t hold grudges; your dog won’t let you down last minute after arranging something; and your dog is always glad to see you, no matter how much of a grumpy mood you are in. Your dog loves you unconditionally, and we can’t always say that about our other friends!
  • Housework has to take a back seat. Dog hairs on the chair, dog hair on the carpet, dog hair wrapped up in the curtains, dog hair in your bed… there is dog hair everywhere! And while there are ways to get rid of dog hair, you can’t be blamed for not being as house-proud as you used to be.
  • Your money is longer your own. Dogs are wonderful companions, but there is an expense. Aside from the basics – food, dog collars, chew toys – there are all the other expenses – insurance, vaccinations, medical bills – which means you will never have as much money to spend on yourself as you would like. The truth is, however, you won’t care, as your dog is totally worth it!
  • And neither is your downtime. Remember when you could come home from work, put the kettle on, and sit down with a cup of tea and a trashy movie on the television? Well, you can still do those things, but only after walking your dog, feeding your dog, and budging them off your favourite chair to let you sit down. You see, no matter how lazy you are feeling, your dog needs entertaining, and their priorities will often take precedence over yours.
  • You will no longer need an alarm clock. You will never be late for work again, as your dog will make sure you’re awake. With a bark, or a slobbery kiss (if they get into your bedroom), you will be woken to your dog’s demands, and rolling over for an extra five minutes kip won’t be an option. Your dog wants feeding, and he wants feeding now. Your dog needs to go outside, as… well, we don’t want to dwell on what might happen. And your dog wants to start the day with you, because why lie in bed when you can spend more time together!
  • You will cease to be embarrassed. Shouting your dog’s name when they have wandered off in the park. Standing idly by while your dog does his business in the middle of the street. Chatting with your friends while your dog nibbles on his diddly squats (you know what we mean). Having lunch with the in-laws when your dog trounches down the stairs with your underwear in his jaws. You used to be embarrassed by these things, but as every day is a montage of cringe-worthy moments, you will eventually stop caring about etiquette and pride.

Did you relate to any of the above? Is there anything we have missed off the list that you know to be true to your life with pooch? Be sure to let us know. You can guarantee there will be more a few heads nodding in agreement with your dog-eared experiences.

*collaborative post


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