Christmas Gift For Foodies! Sous Chef Review

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for the “foodie” in your life, Sous Chef would be a great place to start your search. Sous Chef is a shop dedicated to people who love cooking!

I confess to being a little boring in the kitchen, there’s only so much you can do with a pack of mince – right?! I’m hoping to increase my culinary skills and really like the idea of Japanese food. It’s so fresh, quick and tasty. I can see a New Years resolution developing and we haven’t had Christmas yet!

I was really pleased to be offered the opportunity to review some beautiful Ramen bowls from the Sous Chef Japanese Tableware Collection. The bowls arrived really quickly and carefully packaged.

The bowls are actually a work of art. They are beautifully made in duck egg blue stoneware and are intricately decorated with a traditional sakura blossom pattern. Each bowl differs slightly as they are individually crafted. There is additional tableware available which accompanies the sakura blossom range.

The bowls are perfect for miso broth or Ramen. Ramen being a Japanese dish containing noodles in a broth accompanied by meat, fish, veg and egg. Made traditionally the dish can be complicated with lots of stirring and simmering, however I’ve found a number of simple recipes online, which I will start with.

As someone who wishes to develop my cooking skills and range of dishes, I would be really pleased to receive the beautiful Sakura Blossom Ramen bowls on Christmas morning. Even if it takes a while to get round to cooking ramen, the dishes are gorgeous and are versatile enough to be used for any kind of cuisine. I can cook a mean chilli and it would look fab served in this bowl with some tortillas!

How I hope my ramen will look, but in my lovely new bowls!

*For the purpose of this honest review, I received two Sakura Blossom Ramen bowls from Sous Chef. All words and opinions are my own.


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