5 Ways To Save Money While Travelling

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Although travelling is an amazing experience, it can also be incredibly expensive. From flights and hotels to food and activities, even the costs of a cheap weekend break can add up. Whilst you may need to spend money for a luxury break, not every trip you take has to be expensive. To help you save money on your next trip, here 5 tips and tricks you can follow to cut the costs:

– Shop Around For Flights And Accommodation

When it comes to travel a lot of people don’t realise that they can shop around to find the best possible deals for both flights and accommodation. There are lots of incredible sites (like booking.com and Skyscanner) that allow you to search a database of flights and hotels in order to find the best possible price for you. You can filter by location, airline, cost and many other factors. For a guide on shopping around for flights and accommodation, you can visit this site here.

– If You Can, Be Flexible On Dates

Another great way to save money is to ensure you’re flexible on dates. Whilst not every person can do this due to the annual leave they receive at work, even just a couple of days difference could make a massive change to the price you’re paying. Using travel planning tools you can select an options that says ‘I’m flexible on dates’ or ‘+/- 3 days’ and it will automatically show you all results across a period of time. Some sites will even allow you to search for ‘cheapest month’.

– Set Yourself A Travel Budget

Setting yourself a budget is the best way to ensure you’re not overspending on any aspect of your trip. Whether it’s setting a budget for travelling, accomodation or for spending money whilst you’re there – it’s important you know what you’re expecting to spend before you arrive.

– Use An Online Bank To Track Budget And Track How Much You’re Spending

If you want to keep an eye on what you’re spending whilst you’re travelling, there are lots of online bank accounts that allow you to budget as you go. With handy apps that clearly show you what you’re spending, when you spend it, you can easily keep track of absolutely everything you’re doing. For more information, you can visit Chime Bank here.

– Take Advantage Of City Passes And Discount Cards

If you’re planning on doing lots of activities during your travels, investing in city passes and tourism cards are a great way to make some savings. Make sure you’re doing your research before you arrive at a destination, as you could be spending more than you need to without even realising. If you’re unsure, speak to the local tourism board on social media and they’ll be able to advise you of your best options.

Are you looking to save money the next time you travel or go on vacation? Which of the above tips are you going to use? Let me know in the comments section below.

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