How To Keep Pet Hair Under Control In Your Home


Pets are supposed to make our lives less stressful, at least according to research, but the opposite tends to be true, especially for those of us who are house proud! We are, of course, talking about the problem of pet hair, which for cat and dog owners, is an ever-present problem.

Thankfully, there are ways to make your life a little easier, so if you have recently been tempted to donate your family pet to the nearest shelter because of this hair-raising issue, fear not, we have suggestions that should prove useful to you.

Groom your pet regularly

It only takes a few minutes out of your day, so don’t neglect your grooming responsibilities. Not only will you reduce the problem of tangled and matted pet hair, but you will also reduce the need to vacuum every hour or so because of the fur bombs that flood your home. You will need the correct grooming tools for your pet – you don’t want to use your personal brushes and combs for obvious reasons – so follow the previous link or speak to your vet for professional advice. Make it a daily habit to groom your pet, and you should cut down your household chores considerably.

Protect your furniture

We would advise you to keep your pets off your furniture, but especially where cats are concerned, we appreciate this is easier said than done. However, you don’t have to sit in a pile of fur after Pooch or Mittens (or whatever it is you call your pets) have taken residence. Add washable slipcovers to your sofas which can easily be cleaned and replaced, or use old sheets and towels to cover your sofa when you’re out of the home. You might want to replace your furniture too, with pet-friendly fabrics such as leather which can be easily cleaned, alongside a leather cat or leather dog bed to make less work for you in your pet sleeping areas.

Purchase a hair removal tool

Your local pet store should have a section for pet hair removal, but if not, you can buy most of what you need online. From pet gloves to lint rollers, check out this selection from Amazon. As with your grooming routine, make it a habit to use such products on a daily basis, as by doing so, there is less danger of pet hair accumulating on your sofas, chairs, curtains, and other furnishings.

Buy a new vacuum cleaner

If your current vacuum cleaner isn’t fit for purpose, then it’s probably time you replaced it with something new. Many manufacturers offer vacuum models that are specifically designed to clean up pet hair, so shop around online or at your local store. You should also maintain your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis too. Your unit will function less when the bag is full or if hairs have become tangled to your cleaning brushes, so take the necessary steps to alleviate the problem.


Pet hair is a problem many of us put up with, but we shouldn’t have to, especially when we are then too embarrassed to invite guests over for a coffee! Use our suggestions, and if you have any tips or tricks of your own, be sure to share your pet hair cleaning wisdom with us.

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