Halloween Crafts – With Bostik

Last year we didn’t do much for Halloween and the whole evening felt a bit drab. This year we are planning a party and so to get in the mood we were delighted that our Bostik Bloggers theme for September is Halloween! As ever our selection of materials arrived in a padded envelope bursting with goodies! Opening the package is a bit like Christmas morning!

With pompoms, googly eyes and pipe cleaners, our first thoughts turned to spiders! We used PVA glue to stick on the legs and added a touch of Blu Stick to the googly eyes. We love how Bostik glue products actually work! There’s nothing more disappointing than watching all your good work fall to pieces.


Once we had made spiders we started to discuss party decorations, this moved onto decorating one of the girls’ dolls houses for Halloween. We used ribbons, braid and pumpkin embellishments to make the house look spooky! We stuck the spiders and embellishments with Blu Tack.

A pumpkin patch complete with skeleton was created and then we made some larger pumpkin decorations for our party.

It was the first time we had used Blu Stick, but would definitely use again in the future. It helpfully shows up blue on your projects, so you know where to put it, it then dries clear so as not to spoil the overall look.

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