Christmas Crafts With Bostik

This months craft material bundle was awesome. The envelope was literally stuffed with glittery, sparkly Christmas goodies. After tipping everything out on the table we decided to create some lovely Christmas tree decorations. We painted the wooden Christmas shapes with acrylic paints and then used the Bostik Glitter Glue to add accents. Sparkly jewels were then stuck on with the help of the Bostik PVA glue. We’ve created tree decorations before and every year they get placed on the tree and we remember the fun we had creating them. We always make sure we write the year on the back and we now have quite a collection!

Our next project involved creating jarbolas for the school Christmas fair. In case you don’t know what a jarbola is – it’s an empty clean jar, filled with sweets, small toys and crayons etc. The jar is then decorated in a Christmas theme. At the fair, each jar is numbered, the child chooses a raffle ticket and wins the corresponding jar – it’s really popular especially as every child wins one, for the cost of £1. The girls school makes the jarbola into a competition and the best jarbola wins a prize.

One of my girls created a penguin using felt, jewels and ribbon. We were thankful for the Bostik foam pads as sticking it all together was a challenge!

My other daughter created a Christmas tree, christmas sticker design, again the Bostik foam pads were invaluable.

We still have loads of stuff left and I know we’ll spend fun afternoons being creative on the run up to Christmas. The girls have already got ideas for creating Christmas coasters and a homemade advent calendar.

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