Dinosaur Crafts With Bostik

This months Bostik craft bundle contained lots of materials related to dinosaurs. As I have 8 year old twin daughters the theme wasn’t high on their bucket list, however once they delved into the sparkly buttons and tapes their imagination conjured up some lovely creations.

Firstly, the girls coloured the dinosaur mask with felt tips and then added buttons to represent scales. We used the Bostik Blu Stick to stick on the buttons, both girls felt it was easy to use and so far the buttons have stayed stuck! The Blu Stick is usefully coloured blue, so that you know exactly where you’ve used it, it then dries clear. The horns on the dinosaur’s head were highlighted with sparkly coloured tape, cut into points.

The girls then decided to create a card topper with foam dinosaur cut outs, scaly tissue paper, buttons and coloured tape. As it’s one week before Christmas the girls made party hats and presents! We will stick the topper to a card later, either to celebrate a birthday or Christmas. Everything was again stuck together using Bostik Blu Stick.

We have really enjoyed the challenge of being Bostik Bloggers this year and look forward to making more creations in the New Year.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Happy crafting.

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