4 Ways To Slow Down and Inhale


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They say the busiest people have the most leisure. However, that can be the downside for busy parents, who have little or no time for themselves. There is so much to juggle between work and home that life can feel under stress, sometimes leading to health issues..

Perhaps it’s time to slow down and inhale—with less “busyness” at the weekend. Start using the weekend to relax your mind, do something interesting, or work on your job skills. There are so many activities to engage in that can help take your mind off from your busy life. Here are a few ways other parents relax on weekends.


Sleeping is the best natural way to relax without putting in a lot of effort. It would help if you got enough sleep to wake up with a relaxed mind, ready to handle other tasks. An adult requires approximately seven to eight hours of sleep. Nonetheless, it can be challenging to achieve that amount of sleep when you live in a full house. To fix this, you can get quality sleep on the weekends, which can help your body repair and be fit for another busy week.

Watch Movies With Kids

Nothing will bring you closer to your kids than watching your favourite shows on Netflix. Not only that, it can boost your connection, and knowing your children are close to you can help you feel at peace. Family movie nights are a delightful experience to have with your children. If you have been busy for a whole week, then the weekend is a perfect opportunity to watch a kids’ show. Whether you want to go to a movie theatre or watch at home, the point is you will have a bonding moment with your kids.

Go on a Picnic

Rather than staying indoors, why not go out on a picnic and enjoy the fresh air? While at it, ensure you engage in various picnic games for an enjoyable day with your kids. Picnics can help your family stick together through difficult times. If you’ve had a lot on your plate for the past few weeks, it can also help you relax and meditate. Studies show that outdoor picnics can reduce anxiety levels and help maintain your sanity. So, it’s time to cook your favourite meals and head out to the nearest park.

Relax Your Mind

Relaxing your mind is another way to slow down and stop overworking yourself. There are multiple ways to relax, so you should identify the best that works for your mind and body. You can do the following to calm the mind.

  • Start by solving particular challenges that cause you problems in your daily life.
  • If you have been struggling to sell that recreational vehicle you no longer need, hire a company to sell your motorhome. Additionally, pay-off some of your debts to get peace of mind.
  • Indulge in a one-hour meditation while you soak yourself in a warm bath with your favourite body wash and wine on the side. While in the bathtub, listen to soothing music and think of everything happening in your life at the moment.

This is an effective way known to relax the mind. You can also do some workouts that will relax your muscles.

Parenting is a full-time job, but it’s okay to take breaks once in a while. They can help you relax and give you the strength you need to balance motherhood and other life activities.

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