Last nights production of The Railway Children was amazing! I would urge anyone anywhere near york to see it. The audience sits in tierd seats either side of a real railway track and the setting and sounds, smells etc are as if you are sitting in a real Victorian (I think) railway station. The actors were fantastic and you really feel part of the production. The best part is when a real steam train, full sized with steam and everything travels into the set and “Father” (if you know the story) gets out of the carriage to be reunited with his family. Brought tears to my eyes and my sons’ who is eight. Fab for children, but equally as good for adults, in fact children were in the minority at the evening performance.

Another event today also brought tears to my eyes, as I said goodbye to my son who is camping out at a friends house tonight. As a parent you aim to promote independence in your children, but when they do something without you it hurts like hell! I would quite like time to just slow down a little.

Anyway, as I have got a fairly free evening i’m going to open a bottle of wine and watch the X factor.


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