The Railway Children at the National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum in York are showing The Railway Children production until early September. My eldest son and I are going tonight with a couple of friends, can’t wait as it’s had amazing reviews.

I will try to write a review on the production later. Today though I have the mammoth task of trying to put our house into some sort of presentable order as we have loads of visitors this weekend.

So how come i’m writing on here? I should be busy! One thing I’m really good at is procrastination, are there any jobs or careers that require this skill as essential or even desirable? No – that’s a pity. Also why does it always rain when you want the children to be happily playing outside whilst you get on with the chores?

I’m also pretty good at delegation or should that be bribery? I’ve just promised an extra pound of pocket money if they clean up the playroom. Actually I think it shows excellent management skills and ability to cope in a crisis!


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