Wasps everywhere!

Last week I managed to instill a life long fear into my eldest son of wasps. We decided to visit Sundown adventureland with a group of friends and their children. I should have known that the day wouldn’t go as planned when we read a huge warning sign as you paid your entrance fee about the wasp problem they were experiencing. I have never seen so many wasps! It was a friends birthday and she had brought a large French Fancy birthday cake to share with everyone, as soon as she opened the box about 3 million wasps swarmed around us dive bombing the cream. Total nightmare.

Now as a mum I realise you are supposed to adopt a calm, relaxed exterior in order to create well balanced children who are able to cope in stressful situations, but sorry when it comes to wasps I just freak.

Imagine the scene – bits of pink french fancy cake flying everywhere, napkins being thrown into the air, arms flapping and rushing around in circles packing everything back into the picnic bag as quickly as possible, that’s me. My friends continued to eat their cake, casually brushing the wasps aside as if they were just a minor inconvenience.

We carried on determined to enjoy the day, my children and I deciding our best tactic would be not to eat anything else until we got home. Children’s memories are short when it comes to ice lollies. My eldest son decided to have an orange ice lolly my youngest chose a chocolate lolly despite my warnings. This is when my sons fear of wasps became firmly embedded. One particularly persistant wasp decided that it wanted to get into my eldest sons’ mouth and boy was it determined! This resulted in me screaming at the top of my voice “T SHUT YOUR MOUTH, JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH” whilst simultaneously trying to swipe the thing away from my son’s mouth with my hand. Now you can imagine what this sounded and looked like to all the concerned parents in the near and far vicinity. My youngest Son thought this was hilarious and sat laughing with tears streaming down his face happily eating his chocolate lolly with absolutely no wasps bothering him. My eldest son was in tears and total shock!

So now, in only my second post on my first ever blog I have portrayed myself as a totally neurotic mother with an urgent need of therapy! Great. Seriously though My son’s both suffer from severe allergies to various things and as they have never been stung by a wasp or bee before I’m unsure as to how they will react. I carry adrenaline, but haven’t had to use it yet.

Today we’ve had a fab day at Harlow Car Gardens in Harrogate. Hardly any wasps and lovely and sunny.

What did Katy do next? She started her own business as a wasp exterminator! Maybe not.


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