I’ve been super organised today. Got the boys to try on their uniforms from last year to see what needs to be bought. Luckily only need to buy my eldest a new sweat shirt and tshirt with the school logo on, thank goodness as they cost £18

They both need trousers though and youngest son needs shoes, hopefully we’ll get those tomorrow.

Had a date for an interview at the local college to do beauty therapy in September, I’ve decided not to go for it. The interview requires you to complete tasks (no idea what) and to go dressed in clothes suitable for wearing in a salon. At 38 I think I would probably be the oldest student there, so i’ve decided to apply for as many jobs as possible to get interview experience and in the end to hopefully gain meaningful, flexible, fulfilling employment – if it exists.

Took the boys to karate tonight, they’ve had quite a long break during summer, it was hilarious watching them trying to remember all the moves.


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