Halloween Gingerbread Haunted House

As a practice run for creating an amazing gingerbread house for Christmas, I thought I would practice for Halloween! I may stick to developing a tradition of gingerbread houses for Halloween instead of Christmas, as it’s not an easy task!
So here’s is my Halloween haunted gingerbread house!

The roof stayed put and it went down a treat at center Parcs this week. 
I think the mice in our villa were definitly impressed, however that’s another story.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find Scooby Doo, so had to make do with Freddie. Do you like the enormous realistic looking creatures?

All in all a fantastic craft to complete with the kids, it tastes delicious and the fact it’s for Halloween hides a multitude of sins, such as collapsing walls and roof!

I bought the house cutter kit on line and got the recipe for gingerbread from Good Food website.


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